Community fundraising ( 11 Events )

If you are interested in helping by volunteering to raise funds for MND research and services, you are also helping our members. Funds raised are used to find out more about MND causes and effects and to help run MND NSW services, such as the no-cost loan of equipment to people living with MND and education programs for members, carers and health professionals.

Please show your support for one of the participants in the MND Community events. You can leave a message of support along with sponsorship dollars to help them achieve their fundraising targets. Follow the links from the event to their everyday hero page.

Walk to d'Feet MND ( 4 Events )

Join us at a Walk to d'Feet MND event. The name of this event reflects the hope and inspiration these special days provide for the MND Community. Teams made up of family, friends, colleagues and individuals, regardless of age or fitness levels Walk to raise funds and awareness for research and support for people living with motor neurone disease.  **Please note that Walk T-Shirts are only available for pre-registered participants.**

Support group/coffee mornings ( 26 Events )

Contact with other people living with motor neurone disease can be a great source of information and support. MND NSW support groups and coffee mornings are held metropolitan, regional and rural areas of NSW, in Canberra in the ACT and on the Gold Coast Queensland. They bring together people living with MND and their carers to share experiences and learn from each other.

Living with MND ( 6 Events )

MND NSW conducts regular education, information and other events for people living with motor neurone disease, family members, carers and friends. These are usually held in Sydney at the MND NSW Centre in Gladesville or other local venues. Sessions are also scheduled in other areas of NSW and in the ACT.

There is usually no charge to attend an MND NSW education, information or other event for people lving with MND. This includes the person with motor neurone disease, family member/s, carer or friend. However, bookings are essential.

Information evenings for people recently diagnosed with MND ( 3 Events )

Information evenings for people who are newly diagnosed with motor neurone disease ensure that help is available at a time when many questions need to be answered.

Health and community care professionals ( 5 Events )

MND related workshops and conferences provide the opportunity for health and community care professionals to hear the latest in MND research, enhance their skills and knowledge and meet with others working in similar roles.

Events - other organisations ( 0 Event )

From time to time other organisations offer events that may be of interest to people living with motor neurone disease and/or health and community care professionals. These events may have a cost involved and are listed here. Please contact the event organisers for more information.