Peru Trek Day 3

Today we really got immersed into Inca heritage, starting with a visit to Awana Kanchu, ‘the weaving place’. Not only did we learn about the importance of alpacas and llamas to Peruvian people historically and today, but we also got to meet and feed them! Some laughs were certainly had! We were given a demonstration as to how the the wool is dyed, then moved on to some examples of traditional vegetable based foods... Over 200 types of potato in Peru?! We didn’t see that one coming!

Nothing could really prepare us for the sights we were to see on our drive to and entering into The Sacred Valley and Pisac. The awe of just trying to comprehend how the Incas built and achieved what they did in this exceptionally steep, rugged and unforgiving countryside! Though we have been in Cusco since yesterday, at an altitude of over 3000m to acclimatise, our walk at Pisac starting at an altitude of 3446 metres was a challenge for us all, and a reminder of what we are all attempting as of tomorrow; The Inca Trail itself! With rain falling lightly this afternoon, we’re all wondering what Mother Nature might throw at us over the next few days and nights! Tonight we must all make decisions of what is most important to us for the next three nights, as we are each allowed a maximum of only 7kg worth of luggage! Excited and anxious to bed tonight, tomorrow it’s bye bye all creature comforts, hello hiking boots, Mother Nature and The Inca Trail!

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