Peru Trek Day 7

Rising at 5am at Phuyupatamarca, our campsite, we walked a short distance to watch the sun rise and colour the clouds above the mountains surrounding us in every direction. Oh, and did I mention Machu Picchu was right in front of us! Not only did the clouds glow pink and orange, but the reflection on the snow capped mountains above and around us did too... What a morning!

Today was the final day our porters and support crew would be with us, and they put on a most beautif...ul farewell ceremony for us, performing both traditional dances and songs! What an absolute privilege for us. After goodbyes, thank yous and hugs were exchanged, we set off for our goal for the day, the official end of The Inca Trail! Starting the day at some 3650m, it was again an exceptionally challenging day, as we declined 1000m over 11 kilometres. Of particular adversity was the infamous ’50 steps’, which are more like a ladder than steps, they’re that steep! Late afternoon, we finally made it, there right in front of us was the remaining ruins of THE Machu Picchu Inca Site! No magazine photos nor any words can really describe our feeling of having made it, nor the empowerment and awe one is in, standing at one of the Seven Wonders Of The World! Some 45 long, steep, inconsistent, rainy, slippery and rough kilometres after we first commenced, we had made it... What an achievement by team MND NSW!

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