The MND NSW FlexiRest program is available to carers of people living with motor neurone disease who live in New South Wales. You are provided with some financial assistance to get respite or a ‘break' from your usual caring role.

FlexiRest is a flexible respite program supporting people in New South Wales who have progressive neurological disorders, including motor neurone disease.

Under the FlexiRest program people can access limited financial assistance so that they can get respite, or a ‘break', from their usual caring role for the person with motor neurone disease, which cannot be met by existing community and respite services.

What is respite?

Respite, as used here, is planned, short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid carers that:

  • give carers a break from their usual caring role
  • provide a positive experience for the person with the neurological condition.

How can I use FlexiRest financial assistance?

FlexiRest aims to be flexible and responsive to individual needs. Examples of how people have used FlexiRest include:

  • respite provided in home for a limited period
  • short breaks that support family members to spend time together
  • respite involving leisure and recreation activities
  • transport support to access respite services.

Who can apply for FlexiRest?

To be eligibile for FlexiRest you must:

  • live in NSW
  • be registered with MND NSW
  • have a demonstrated need that cannot be met by existing community and respite services.

Applications are completed by your MND NSW regional advisor.

For more information

Contact your MND advisor or the MND Info Line.

FlexiRest operates with funding from Ageing Disability and Home Care, Department of Human Services NSW (ADHC) and is run by a Consortium consisting of Muscular Dystrophy NSW, Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW and MS Australia ACT/NSW/VIC.