The Doll Collectors Club of NSW was formed in 1978 and each year members nominate a charity that the club will support. MND NSW was the chosen charity for 2015. Funds were raised at events throughout the year, including the 34th Liverpool Doll Fair held in July. This is the largest doll fair in Australia and includes hundreds of traders with dolls, bears, miniatures, toys, craft items, dolls clothes and accessories.

You can watch the recording of a webinar held yesterday where Richard Bedlack, MD, PhD, Duke ALS Clinic, reviews alternative and off-label treatments for ALS/MND. He demonstrates the huge number of these, the reasons patients try them, and some of the risks involved. He explains an international program called ALSUntangled which uses social networking tools to help patients and families critically review alternative and off-label treatments and highlight some of the lessons learned in this program over the past 7 years.

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