The Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia (MNDRIA) has awarded $2.57 million to new MND research projects commencing in 2015. The successful applicants are:

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Dr James Howells, BMRI, University of Sydney
Hyperexcitability of the lower motor neuron in ALS
Bill Gole Postdoctoral MND Research Fellowship

Dr Parvathi Menon, Westmead Hospital, University of Sydney
Insights into ALS Pathophysiology from Patterns of Disease Progression
Beryl Bayley Postdoctoral MND Research Fellowship


A/Prof Julie Atkin, ASAM, Macquarie University
Optimising the protective activity of protein disulphide isomerase in motor neuron disease
Angie Cunningham Laugh to Cure MND Grant

A/Prof Ian Blair, ASAM, Macquarie University
Next-Generation Sequencing of Australian sporadic MND patients to identify genetic risk factors
MND Ice Bucket Challenge Grant-in-aid

Dr Catherine Blizzard, Menzies, University of Tasmania
Synaptic dysfunction: an early mechanism of TDP-43 pathogenesis in ALS
MNDRIA Grant-in-aid

Prof Roger Chung, Macquarie University
Proteomic studies to identify the defects caused by mutations in a newly identified familial MND gene
Mick Rodger Benalla MND Research Grant

A/Prof Tracey Dickson, Menzies, University of Tasmania
Inhibitory regulation of motor neurons: A new target mechanism for ALS?
Mick Rodger MND Research Grant

Dr Danny Hatters, University of Melbourne
Determining the mechanism of toxicity of C9ORF72 RAN translation products
Peter Stearne Familial MND Research Grant

Dr Robert Henderson, UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Blood biomarkers in ALS: Translation into clinical practice of pNfH and search for additional biomarkers using proteomics
Graham Lang Memorial MND Research Grant

Dr Anne Hogden, Macquarie University
Decision support tools for motor neurone disease multidisciplinary care
MND Victoria Research Grant

Prof Lars Ittner, Dept of Anatomy, University of NSW
Novel MND mouse models
MNDRIA Grant-in-aid

Prof Pamela McCombe, UQ Centre for Clinical Research
A multicentre study of the impact of metabolic balance and dietary intake on the clinical parameters of disease progression
Cunningham Collaboration Grant

Dr Greg Neely, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Genomic approach to find new MND disease genes and drug targets
Terry Quinn MND Research Grant

Dr Shyuan Ngo, UQ School of Biomedical Sciences
In search of novel MND therapeutics: investigating the role of selective KATP channel activators on cortical hyperexcitability, corticospinal circuit degeneration, and cortical bioenergetics
Bob Delaney MND Research Grant

A/Prof Peter Noakes, UQ School of Biomedical Sciences
The role of altered neuromuscular activity and mRNA transport in modifying the progression of MND
MNDRIA Grant-in-aid

Dr Rachel Tan, Neuroscience Research Australia
Histopathological changes in functional zones of the cerebellum across the MND-FTD continuum
MNDRIA Grant-in-aid

Dr Bradley Turner, Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health
Androgen receptor abnormalities in MND
Ted Dimmick Memorial MND Research Grant

A/Prof Steve Vucic, Westmead Millenium Institute, USyd
Safety and biological efficacy of narrow-band UVB phototherapy in ALS
MNDRIA Grant-in-aid

Dr Kelly Williams, ASAM, Macquarie University
Epigenomic approaches to understand MND disease variability
Rosalind Nicholson MND Research Grant

A/Prof Trent Woodruff, UQ School of Biomedical Sciences
Therapeutic targeting of the NLRP3 inflammasome using a potent and orally active inhibitor in experimental MND
Charles & Shirley Graham MND Research Grant

Dr Justin Yerbury, IHMRI, University of Wollongong
Monitoring accumulation of ubiquitin chains in ALS – Developing a potential imaging tool for monitoring preclinical disease progression
Zo-ee MND Research Grant

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