Australia's MND March of Faces Banners are a photographic display of people with motor neurone disease.MND March of Faces banner 16MND March of Faces Banner 15

The MND NSW March of Faces banners are displayed at various MND awareness raising and remembrance events throughout the year. Our MND March of Faces Banners 15 and 16 were displayed for the first time during MND Week 2015.

March of Faces Banner 15 features Jack Moad, Deirdre Jeeves, Dale Kenny, Josie Leslie, Lloyd Nangle, Habib Tabit, Kere Wooldridge, Alan Danby, Les Saker, John Flagg, Custodio Dias, Trish Martin, John Buchel, Dr Malcolm Buck, Del McKenzie, Ron Gauci, Noelene Gaylard and Joan Yeo.

March of Faces Banner 16 features Daniela Bibel, Margaret Perry, John Penhallurick, Dick Saunders, Alfonso Coppola, Stuart Linley, Lyndon Thompson, Barrie Murphy, Neville Shaw, Colleen Mercer, Michael Perry, Andy Ridd, Quyet Tien Le, Denis Carley, Christian Burnat, Pamela Muir, Brenton Teasdale and Rose Attard.

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