Thanks to your donations to MND NSW towards motor neurone disease research, the MND Research Institute of Australia (MNDRIA) offers many grants to MND researchers in Australia. The researchers funded during 2011-2012 by MNDRIA are meeting in Queensland on 12 November to present their research to the scientific community. Researchers presenting include:

  • Dr Ian Blair, ANZAC Research Institute, University of Sydney
    Peter Stearne Grant for Familial MND Research: Identifying and establishing the role of new MND genes.
  • Dr Shu Yang, ANZAC Research Institute, University of Sydney
    Bill Gole Postdoctoral Fellowship for MND Research: Functional consequences of mutations in ALS genes.
  • Dr Robyn Wallace, Queensland Brain Institute
    Zo-eè MND Research Grant: Analysis of TDP-43 target genes in C. elegans.
  • Professor Mark Wlson, University of Wollongong. Rosalind Nicholson MND Research Grant:
    Identifying inclusion proteins in MND patient spinal cord tissues and inducible cell models.
  • Assoc Prof Anthony White, Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne
    Terry Quinn MND Research Grant: Kinase control of TDP-43 accumulation in models of MND.
  • Dr Justin Yerbury, University of Wollongong. Bill Gole Postdoctoral Fellowship for MND Research:
    Extracellullar aggregated Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase activates microglia to give a cytotoxic phenotype.
  • Dr Julie Atkin, LaTrobe University, Victoria
    Susie Harris Memorial Fund Grant: Failure of ER-Golgi trafficking as an early pathogenic event in ALS.
  • Dr Catherine Blizzard, Menzies Research Institute, University of Tasmania
    Bill Gole Postdoctoral Fellowship for MND Research:
    Excitotoxicity & neuromuscular junction degeneration following site-specific excitotoxin exposure in vivo.
  • Assoc Prof Steve Vucic, Westmead Hospital, University of Sydney
    Connie Steps Forward for MND Research Grant: The role of regulatory T-cell subsets in ALS pathogenesis.
  • Dr Peter Crouch (for Alexandra Mot), Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne
    PhD Top-Up Grant: Validating a new treatment strategy for ALS: in vivo testing, SOD1 and TDP43.
  • Dr Bradley Turner, Florey Neuroscience Institutes, University of Melbourne
    Mick Rodger MND Research Grant: Therapeutic potential of SMN for MND.
  • Dr David Berlowitz, Institute for Breathing and Sleep, VIC. Mick Rodger MND Research Grant (2011):
    Identifying who will benefit from Non Invasive Ventilation in MND in a clinical cohort.
  • Dr Eneida Mioshi, Neuroscience Research Australia, NSW
    MND Victoria Research Grant: Motor & behavioural symptoms in MND: a combined disease staging system.
  • Professor Pamela McCombe, University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research
    Charles & Shirley Graham MND Research Grant: The use of biomarkers in MND.

The meeting will be held on Monday 12 November 2012 at the Level 7 Auditorium, The Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, St Lucia QLD 4072. For more information contact MNDRIA Ph 02 8877 0990 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The meeting is generously sponsored by Genzyme Sanofi

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