Are you aged under 65 years and a member of MND NSW, and do you live in a 2016 National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) roll-out area?

- Northern Sydney, South Western Sydney, Western Sydney, Nepean, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter New England, Southern NSW

MND NSW offers free pre-planning support and resources for members in the NDIS roll-out areas.

Ensure you are ready, ahead of your entry into the NDIS, to get the best possible NDIS plan for your individual needs.

For more information contact your MND Advisor or the MND NSW Info Line ph. 1800 777 175.

What about NDIS pre-planning in other areas?

The roll-out is a gradual process and the NDIS is rolling out to other areas of NSW after 1 July 2017.
MND NSW will write to members aged under 65 years living in the 2017 roll-out areas, prior to the roll-out in their areas, and provide additional information about the transition to the NDIS and the NDIS planning process at that time.

What about people aged 65 years and over?

People aged 65 years and over are not eligible to register as NDIS participants. MND NSW will continue to offer the same suite of services, including the MND Info Line, MND Advisor, education and short to medium term access to equipment through FlexEquip, our equipment service to all members.

What is different about MND NSW services for NDIS participants?

NDIS participants who are members of the Association can continue to access the same suite of services MND NSW offers to all members. These include the MND Info Line, MND Advisor, education and access to equipment through FlexEquip. However, to continue to access FlexEquip equipment, NDIS participants need FlexEquip to be selected as their assistive technology provider and the support item or bundle related to equipment must be included on their NDIS participant plan.

MND NSW Coordinators of Support are newly created positions and Association staff in these roles assist members, who are NDIS participants, with enacting and organising the supports and budgets included in their NDIS plan. This support and coordination can greatly reduce the stress involved with sourcing service providers, establishing successful relationships with allied health professionals and managing the logistics of multiple or complex support needs at any one time. Coordination of Support is an NDIS funded item, meaning there is no out-of-pocket cost to the individual. Instead, the NDIS includes a budget for this service as part of the individual’s plan when it is set up. Please ask your MND Advisor if MND NSW provides Coordination of Support services in your area.

More information

If you have any questions or queries about the NDIS and how it might affect you, contact your MND Advisor or the MND Info Line ph. 1800 777 175.

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