In July 2017 MND NSW achieved verification under the NSW Disability Support Standards and accreditation under the QIC Health and Community Services Standards. We undertake accreditation every 3 years and it requires 2 external assessors 3 days to review our policies and procedures and our systems and work processes. The assessors also interviewed people with MND, carers, health professionals, MND NSW staff and board members.

Accreditation by a third party is important as it ensures that MND NSW support services are person centred and we are delivering services that are needed.

In the overall summary the external assessors commented:

MND NSW’s support services are predicated on person centred principles that recognise family autonomy, independence and decision making enabling people with MND to choose the level and nature of support and involvement with the organisation. The organisation is highly respected for its work with people living with MND, their families and carers, which is undertaken with understanding and compassion by the committed management and staff. There is strong leadership shown from the Board, Executive, and the senior management team in carrying out the organisation’s mission and serving the community.

The Assessment Team were impressed by the high level of staff commitment to client outcomes, their collaborative approach internally and externally and the organisational culture of positive and supportive teamwork across all levels and roles in the organisation. The Board provide strong governance and are supported by systems that assist them in carrying out their responsibilities.

The health services sector is undergoing significant change and MND NSW is in the midst of strategic growth opportunities and the governance and management challenges that may occur as a result.

This report offers a range of recommendations to assist the organisation to continue to improve and protect its capacity to demonstrate its effectiveness in meeting community needs and advocating on behalf of its consumers.

Thank you to our members and the MND carers, health professionals, MND NSW staff, MND NSW board members and the assessors for their valuable participation in this process.

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