Rising at 4:30am, pitch black, the outside of our tents covered in a thin layer of ice... and knowing that today was to be the longest, the steepest, the hardest of all days! Just crawling out of the warmth of our sleeping bags was challenge enough! After a hearty breakfast to fuel ourselves (boy we knew we’d need it!), we started off, to be met by a mob of llamas! After marvelling at them and their beauty in this incredibly rugged and scenic landscape, we could find... no more excuses to put off what was ahead of us!

Today started with a cow, randomly running through our campsite; always gotta be on your toes around here! Once we were on the track and ready to trek, it was goodbye to The Sacred Valley, and hello to the Happiness Bridge Valley! For the first part, our legs felt just that; happy! But soon enough the continuous incline/decline started, and well, happiness was probably no longer the ‘go to’ word from our legs’ perspective!

Australia's MND March of Faces Banners are a photographic display of people with motor neurone disease. The MND NSW March of Faces banners are displayed at various MND awareness raising and remembrance events throughout the year. Our MND March of Faces Banners 18 and 19 were displayed for the first time during MND Week 2017.

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