Introductory information about motor neurone disease.

Information pack of six booklets (of 8 to 20 pages each) for parents making the difficult journey with motor neurone disease. Talking with young people about MNDIncludes one booklet for parents with suggestions and tips, and five other booklets.

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  • hardcopy available - free for members, families and carers in NSW,ACT andNT.

Contents include:

(c) MND Vic and MND NSW published June 2008

2 page information sheet that includes tips to assist you sort fact from fiction when researching MND on internet. With the internet being as accessible and unregulated as it is, MND Associations often receive calls and e-mails from people regarding treatments being offered both here and overseas that claim to treat or cure MND. Often, these treatments are promoted on websites that feature in internet search results when people search for information about MND. It is very difficult for people living with MND and their families, desperate for effective treatments and a cure, to sort fact from fiction, and paid advertising from good quality health information.

  • free online
  • hardcopy available - free for members and others

(c) MND Australia published June 2014

2 page information sheet and position statement that includes information about USA and Australian drug approval processes.  It can be difficult for people living with MND and their families to endure the wait for the development of an effective treatment and cure. MND Australia acknowledges the urgency to advance research to better understand MND and the desperate need for an effective treatment.

  • free online
  • hardcopy available - free for members and others

(c) MND Australia published February 2017

The calibre of the researchers who presented at MND NSW Ask the Experts Monday 5 November 2018, was excellent. Dr Rebekah Ahmed, Consultant Neurologist, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Memory and Cognition Clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney, provided a very interesting overview of MND.

“Cleared up some doubts”, was one participant’s comment after the MND NSW Ask the Experts Forum at West Ryde on 22 August 2016. This Forum, held annually, aims to provide people with MND, their family and friends the opportunity to hear from experts in the fields of MND research and neurology and to ask questions.

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