MND Australia is a member of the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations. The aim of the Alliance is to provide an international community and to improve care and support for people living with MND around the world.

One of the resources of the International Alliance is the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). The role of the Scientific Advisory Council is to be a centralised resource to review and provide global perspective on scientific and biomedical announcements, information and opportunities relating to MND.

Dr Gethin Thomas, Executive Director of Research for MND Australia, is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council.

A key resource produced by the SAC is a series of “Briefing Notes” that provide background and updates on important advances and issues related to MND research. These have been written and approved by the SAC members.

Recent briefing notes include:

People living with MND may be eligible to take part in Australian-based clinical trials and non-clinical research. Find out more here: Research | MND Australia


Webinar Series

State of Play is a Webinar Series organised by MND Research Australia. The webinars began in 2020 and are open to all members of the MND Community to provide an introduction to the advancements of research in Australia.

Our annual MND-Connect session was held online for 2021 in November. This year the session was branded "MND Connect: Research Live" to emphasise the focus on research. MND Connect: Research Live featured insights and discussions across broad research topics from a panel including lived experience and research experts across the MND research sphere. 

All State of Plays for 2020-21 and MND Connect: Research Live 2021 are available to watch HERE


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