Regarding Philips Cough Assist devices and the ongoing impact of COVID on services.

With the increase in COVID cases throughout the community, we are aware of supply issues and delays with some goods and staffing shortages in care agencies. Please try not to be alarmed and know that our team will work to find alternate sources where we can. You may also notice that all of our team will be wearing face masks when undertaking visits. We are doing this to ensure that as much as possible, we maintain safety for our community members and our staff. We would encourage everyone to wear a mask where possible to help reduce the risks whilst COVID remains so prevalent within the community.

Andrew Collins
Support Services Manager, MND NSW


Statement from Philips

Re: Philips Cough Assist devices
Philips is committed to providing customers with high quality, safe, and effective health technologies.  Through Philips routine complaint monitoring, Quality Management System, and continuous improvement efforts, if a potential product issue is identified, Philips may place a delivery hold on a product while the issue is reviewed. 

Philips has currently placed a delivery hold on Philips Cough Assist devices. They are investigating an issue and working to resume shipping of these products, at this time we are unable to provide a timeframe for this.

Patients and customers may continue to use these devices in accordance with their Instructions for use. Philips would like to clarify, to date, we are not aware of reports of patient harm associated with this product and delivery hold.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please reach out to your Philips representative.  If you experience any issues with a product, please report this complaint through the usual process. 





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