Technology such as non-invasive ventilation (NIV), cough assist and suction machines are often used in the management of motor neurone disease. With the potential increase of technology being used in the home, an increase in energy bills may be the result.

There are several different rebates and payments that people diagnosed with MND may be able to access to assist in paying energy bills.



Essential Medical Equipment Payment (EMEP)

The EMEP is an annual payment of $143 which is provided to people who have experienced an increase in energy costs from the use of essential medical equipment that is used to manage their disability or condition.

Those diagnosed with neurogenerative disorders are able to access the payment if they are using items such as alternating air mattress, enteral feeding pumps or NIV machines.

For further information regarding the payment visit: Essential Medical Equipment Payment - Services Australia


New South Wales

NSW Low Income Household Rebate

The NSW Low Income Household Rebate helps NSW residents to pay energy bills. For further information regarding this rebate visit Apply for the NSW Low Income Household Rebate (retail customers) | Service NSW


NSW Medical Energy Rebate

The Medical Energy rebate is provided to people who are unable to self-regulate body temperature when exposed to extreme temperatures. Typically, this is associated with Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. For further information regarding eligibility visit- Apply for the NSW Medical Energy Rebate (retail customers) | Service NSW

NSW Life Support Rebate

The NSW Life Support Rebate helps those who require approved energy-intensive equipment at home. The rebate amount will depend on the type of machine that is being used. For further information regarding the rebate and eligibility visit Apply for the NSW Life Support Energy Rebate (retail customers) | Service NSW

The Family Energy Rebate

The Family Energy rebate is available to households who have dependent children and assists in covering the cost of energy bills.

To find out more about the rebate or to apply online, visit Apply for the NSW Family Energy Rebate (retail customers) | Service NSW


Northern Territory

The NT Concession Scheme provides concessions on essential goods and services to assist with living expenses. These services may include; council rates, water, electricity and driver licence’s and registration.

Electricity Concession

If accessed, this concession offers $1,200 per annum on electricity. For details regarding the concession visit Electricity concessions | NT.GOV.AU

 Medical Support Allowance

Available to those who exceed the concession cap and have a medical condition that affects electricity consumption. Provides an allowance of $154. For further details visit Medical support allowance form (


Australian Capital Territory

Life Support Rebate

This rebate provides an annual amount of $128 to those with a condition that requires life-supporting equipment. For more information visit Life Support Rebate | ACT Revenue Office - Website.



For further information, please contact the MND NSW Info Line on 1800 777 175.

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