The holiday season is almost upon us and it is time to start planning a fabulous get away. Here are some ideas to get the holiday inspiration flowing and some practical tips to consider when you start planning.

The following information has been adpated from the MND Vicotria, Travelling Factsheet. We thank MND Vic for sharing their resource with us. View MND Victoria’s short film to hear the experiences of people with MND who have travelled and video about accessing the community.

Planning Tips

Contact your neurologist before planning to travel. The neurologist can advise about the timing of your holiday, any medical clearance you might need to fly, provide you a letter stating your diagnosis, any other special requirements you might need and their contact details.

You may need a specialised breathing assessment to determine whether you are fit to fly. Allow time for this assessment to be done before you make travel plans. It may be possible to travel with non-invasive ventilation, make sure you discuss this with your respiriatory specialist.

Ask your Occupational Therapist and Dietian for travel tips, especially if you use a feeding tube.

Booking Flights

Contact your Airline about Assited Flying and let them know if you are taking any equipment or have particular acess requirements.

Travel Insurance

It can be difficult to access travel insurance when you have an MND diagnosis. Make sure you undestand what you are covered for. Visit the Chronic Illneess Alliance website for more informaiton.

Reciprocal healthcare agreements

There are 11 countries with reciprocal healthcare agreements with Australia. These are agreements where visitors can get publically funded medically necessary care. Visit Services Australia website for more informaiton.

Create an Emergency Plan

There are downloadable emergency care plan templates and cards avaliable from Carers Gateway. Leave a copy with a family member or friend and take a copy with you.

Booking Accommodation

Trip Advisor and Air BnB let you search for places with accessible features. We recommend checking directly with the accomodation provider that the accessible features will meet your needs.

Change Rooms and Toilets

Changing places are accessible public toilets that provide a ceiling hoist, full-sized change table and large circulation space (if using a hoist, you need to take your own sling) Changing places can be found all over Australia.

A Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAC) will give you acess to dedicated public facilities including locked disabiled toilets. Some Local Councils subsdise the cost of the key.

Packing Tips

  • Carry a letter from your doctor listing all medicaitons.
  • Carry medications in original packaging.
  • Take thickener with you if you require it.
  • Include your emergency plan.
  • If using a hoist, take your sling/s.


Companion Card: Allows the cardholder’s support person free entry into participating venues and events. To find out more visit the Department of Social Services webiste.

Transport Subsidy: Provides a taxi fare subsidy of 50% up to a maximum subsidy of $60. Visit the relevent State or Territory Governement website for details.

Fun things to do

Let’s not forget the most important part of a holiday – Having fun!

Depending on your holiday vibe, here are some things you might like to do if you’re holidaying in Australia:

Go to the beach

Check out the Accessible Beaches Website to view the directory of accessible beaches in Australia.

Also look up the local council you are visitng for information about beach wheelchairs. For example, Shoalhaven City Council has 10 avalaible free of charge for beaches across the City.

Visit a Naitonal Park

NSW national parks offer a number of accessible places suitable for people with disability. Around Sydney, Royal National Park has wheelchair access areas as do many places in Sydney Harbour National Park.

Accessible Experiences

The Accessible Experiences website has lots of different types of experiences to choose from. They incude, diving in Tropical North Queensland, meeting alpacas on the Central Coast, touring the Blue Mountins, whale watching and water skiing.

Contact your MND Advisor

Contact your MND Advisor for information about holidays and travel tailored to you or contact the MND infoline on 1800 777 175 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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