For the past three years, Lynne Munnich has been busily helping MND NSW as one of our valued volunteers.

If you pop into our office or give us a call on a Friday, Lynne is there to assist you as our receptionist. Not only that, but she’s always ready to help with a range of other tasks we need assistance with - like helping us pack and mail our newsletters to you!

So just how did Lynne find her way to us here at MND NSW?

“Unemployed at the time and looking for paid work but having difficulty finding the right role, I was looking for voluntary work to keep me busy, help me feel useful, learn new skills and meet people,” Lynne said.

“The work I find exceptionally worthwhile as it ultimately helps people living with MND. The team is
hard-working and dedicated, and the atmosphere in the office is very positive and friendly, and more than that, I feel valued.”

Lynne finds that ‘volunteering in a charitable organisation is vital, as there are limited funds to employ paid workers, so volunteers are greatly relied on’.

“Volunteering is important as it creates opportunities for people to do work which they might not be able to secure in a paid capacity, owing to lack of necessary qualifications. Volunteering is a way of
doing something meaningful which benefits both the individual volunteer, and in the case of MND NSW most importantly, the people living with MND,” she said.

“There are many ways for people to volunteer with MND, and it’s in no way onerous work. Don’t think too much about what you can offer, as most people have skills of which they may not even be aware, lying dormant, and volunteering can bring these to the surface. We would be excited to have you come along and volunteer with us!”

If you’d like to join Lynne in volunteering for MND NSW, contact Marcia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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