MND Genies is a closed Facebook group for people who have tested positive for an MND related genetic mutation, but do not have MND. The aim of MND Genies is to provide a space where people can connect and share their experience of having an MND related genetic mutation.

Why we exist

About 10% of people diagnosed with MND have a familial form of the disease. Of these, about one in five have a mutation on the SOD1 gene and about two in five have a mutation on the C9ORF72 gene. These mutated genes can be passed down through families and children can inherit the mutated gene. 

We do not provide medical, ethical or other advice, instead we exist to accomplish two things:

1. Better access to genetic counselling and support for people wanting to find out if they carry a known gene mutation. We are aiming to achieve this through our advocacy work at both a state and federal level.

2. The establishment of an informal support network for people who carry a known familial MND gene.

We hope being part of this group will help you feel connected to others who are sharing similar experiences. Together with us you can make a difference and we can work towards achieving a world without MND.

Kaitlin and Jessica's Story

You can watch a short video produced by Macquarie University where two of the Genies founders, Kaitlin and Jessica, share their story of MND within their family and how it affected their mum, Susan. Kaitlin and Jessica both underwent genetic testing for MND and the Genies were created to help support others in a similar situation. Kaitlin & Jessica's story - YouTube 

How to join the MND Genies

Visit the MND Genies Facebook page and request to join the group. You will be asked to confirm that you have tested positive for an MND related gene mutation, and you will be asked to tell us what gene mutation you have tested positive for. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Show your support for MND Genies

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