Lauren is 17 when she wins the design competition for the national MND Youth Hub. A cup of oatmeal in the morning symbolises her beautiful relationship with her dad, Carlos, who has motor neurone disease. Lauren also created the artwork for this episode which pictures the pair.


Lauren's story

Lauren's entry below won our Youth Week Design Contest 2023. Lauren created her design traditionally with ink on paper, scanned it, and coloured it digitally. Lauren allowed us to also share the beautiful story that came with her design via email.

I designed my logo hoping to capture a common experience for most young carers of MND patients. As a young carer myself, I started by reflecting on the time spent with my father every morning preparing breakfast for us. It's a small moment of peace that I treasure deeply, before even thinking about the stressful day ahead! I feel that a morning cup of coffee is something that every young carer has made at some point for their loved one, and I hoped to capture the meaning it holds as a little bit of hope for people affected by MND.

Lauren Alzamore Youth Week Design Contest 259


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