Living with motor neurone disease: aspects of care for people with MND, their family and friends

48 page A4 book providing an overview of motor neurone disease and strategies for symptom management.

Topics covered:

What is motor neurone disease?
First signs and symptoms
Classification into types
Effect of MND
How do people get MND?
Incidence and prevalence
MND progression
Living with MND

Wellbeing and support needs
Information needs
Psychological and spiritual needs
Planning needs
Daily living and mobility needs
Personal care, home care and respite care needs
Financial needs

Multidisciplinary care and MND
Regular medical review
Living better for longer
Multidisciplinary care

Signs and symptoms of respiratory muscle weakness
Approach to management
Strategies for managing respiratory muscle weakness and sensations of breathlessness

Swallowing and nutrition
Muscle weakness and swallowing
Swallowing difficulties in MND
Approach to management
Strategies for managing swallowing difficulties

Saliva and mouth care
Mouth care, teeth care and MND
Drooling saliva
Thick saliva
Dry mouth

Signs and symptoms of weakness in the muscles involved in communication
Approach to management
Getting communication aids and devices

Movement and joints
Neck, upper limb and lower limb muscle weakness
Approach to management
Strategies for managing neck, upper and lower limb muscle weakness
Getting aids and equipment

Fatigue and insomnia
Reasons for fatigue
Strategies for managing fatigue
Reasons for insomnia
Strategies for managing insomnia

Bladder and bowel
Bladder and bowel difficulties in MND
Approach to management
General toileting tips
Bladder management
Bowel management

What do changes in cognition and behaviour look like?
Strategies for managing cognitive and behavioural change

Emotional lability
Emotional lability and MND
Effects of emotional lability
Strategies for emotional lability

Care in the later stages of MND
Palliative care
Fears and questions about death
The end phase

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