On 14 October 2022 we celebrate International Allied Health Professions Day.

MND NSW celebrates the 200,000+ allied health professionals working across Australia and would like to extend a very special - thank you - to all allied health workers supporting people living with MND.

There are increasing numbers of places providing accessible accommodation which allows those living with disabilities to experience a wider level of choice when planning a trip away. There are several organisations which can provide useful information regarding accessible accommodation and holidays and here is a roundup of the best ones.

MND NSW in partnership with Carers NSW, are offering young carers free movie tickets to celebrate National Carers Week.

National Carers Week runs from 16 - 22 October 2022 and is a time to recognise and celebrate the 2.65 million Australians who provide care and support to a family member or friend, including the many young people who take on this important role.

If you are aged under 25yrs and supporting a loved one living with MND, we want you to take a friend to a movie of your choosing during National Carers Week.

There are many worldwide collaborative research projects searching for new and effective treatments for MND and this includes clinical trials. It is important to remember that clinical trials are not treatments, they are scientific experiments to test out potential new treatments.

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