While there has been some respite in the ongoing bushfire crisis that’s devastated parts of Australia, we’re highly aware that we’re still in the thick of it. Our thoughts are with our members, their loved ones and MND NSW staff who have been caught up in the fires, as well as the affected families, communities, and the brave firefighters and volunteers who’ve fought to save lives and property. Whilst you’ve probably already decided on your fire plan, and understand the safest thing to do is to leave early, here are a few extra key tips our MND Advisors are passing on to members living in bush fire zones.

Lyn Pennock and her amazing team of crafty ladies have been busy sewing and knitting up a storm for their Christmas stall at Chester Square that they held on Thursday 5th December. But it’s not their first rodeo. In fact, Lyn has been hosting these market stalls for nearly twelve years now. Everything she sells has been lovingly handcrafted and donated to the stall so all proceeds go direct to MND NSW. To date, Lyn has raised a whopping $85,798. ‘I’m aiming for $100,000,’ she said.

There are increasing numbers of places providing accessible accommodation which allows those living with disabilities to experience a wider level of choice when planning a trip away. There are several organisations which can provide useful information regarding accessible accommodation and holidays and here is a roundup of the best ones.

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