Peru Trek Day 5

Today started with a cow, randomly running through our campsite; always gotta be on your toes around here! Once we were on the track and ready to trek, it was goodbye to The Sacred Valley, and hello to the Happiness Bridge Valley! For the first part, our legs felt just that; happy! But soon enough the continuous incline/decline started, and well, happiness was probably no longer the ‘go to’ word from our legs’ perspective!

By the end of the day, we had trekked 12... kilometres, and elevated a huge 1200m since we began walking at 7:30am this morning! What an effort from the team! Arriving into our beautiful campsite, a light drizzle just taunting us on and off, we had a little free time (aka ‘nap’ time!). The temperature had certainly dropped, and it was on with all the winter woollies we could find! Meeting in our communal dinner tent, a few competitive rounds of ‘Uno’ card games had us belly laughing and certainly much warmer in no time! And now, at 3800m, ice covering the outside of the tent, and knowing that we have to be up at 4:30am tomorrow, it’s lights out (or should I say, ‘head torch off’?!).

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