Budding Entrepreneurs at Pittwater House School

Thank you and congratulations to the students involved in this wonderful project at Pittwater House School. What do you get when you bring together 14 students aged between 10-12 years of age to discuss business - the Pittwater House ‘Little Entrepreneurs Club’. Over their lunchbreaks, this savvy group formed a company called LEAFY and formulated their product - a series of brightly coloured wrap bands.

Before they launched, they identified their target audience, researched that audience’s needs, created a product based on customer feedback and priced it according to demand and supply. Following several weeks of on-campus marketing, the ‘Little Entrepreneurs’ launched their wrist bands to the School community for $3.00. The venture was so successful it raised $640, which was donated to MND NSW. Pictured is CEO of MND NSW Graham Opie and Jarrad Dober the teacher who hosted the "Little Entrepreneurs Club".

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