Baden, Will and Cameron make a difference

In March 2014 Baden’s grandmother Nicola was diagnosed with MND. After watching her slowly deteriorate and seeing first-hand how MND NSW assisted her in lending equipment, Baden and two of his school friends decided to hold a fundraiser at school. The fundraiser which raised $1,000 was held in 2016 and included a raffle and the sale of MND merchandise. The MND puppies sold each lunchtime were very popular!

The fundraiser also provided awareness about MND and how it affects an individual and their families. Baden’s grandmother Nicola passed away in August 2016.

After the successful fundraiser, the boys were nominated by a teacher for an award from the Independent Primary School Heads Association (IPSHA). The boys were then given the opportunity to participate in the IPSHA Social Action Expo in July 2017. For the Expo the boys prepared a presentation which told of Grandma Nicola’s journey with MND. They spoke to teachers and children about how they organised their fundraiser, what challenges they had and in the process raised awareness of MND. The boys are pictured at the Expo from L to R - Will, Baden and Cameron.

The day was a great success and an opportunity for the boys to collaborate and exchange ideas about successful fundraising campaigns with the view to sharing these ideas with their peers on return to school. It was an inspiring day and it taught the children that even at such a young age, they are capable of making positive changes to our world. Congratulations to Baden, Will and Cameron for their remarkable achievements.

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