The New South Wales state parliament is currently holding an inquiry into the NDIS and disability in NSW. They want to hear about peoples experience with the NDIS and we encourage people with MND to share their experiences. Whether you are having a good experience or a bad one, we all need to make sure our voices and stories are heard. The closing date for submissions is Thursday 9 August 2018. The inquiry

 was established on 21 June 2018 to inquire into and report on systemic and policy issues concerning the provision of disability services and the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in New South Wales.  The process is not a forum to resolve individual grievances or cases and only has jurisdiction to examine issues relating to the provision of disability services in NSW.

Submissions can be lodged:

If you would like further advice contact the committee secretariat Ph. 9230 3586 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions can be made on either a confidential, partially confidential or public basis, and it is helpful if people indicate their request when they lodge their submission.

  • Confidential submissions are seen only by the committee and secretariat. They help to build a picture of what is going on, but cannot be referred to in the committee’s report.

  • Partially  confidential submissions  have  the  author’s  name  and  any  other  identifying  information removed, but the remainder is published on the committee’s website and can be referred to in the committee report.

  • Public  submissions  are  published  in  full  (including  the  author’s  name)  on  the  committee’s website, and again, can be  referred to in the committee report.

For more information about making a submission, see

Every Australian Counts tips and tricks for making a submission (nb see confidentiality above - unless you specify otherwise your submission may be public):

- Tell them a bit of background about yourself, e.g. how long have you been on the NDIS and what do you use it for?

- Tell them if you think the NDIS has been successful in improving your choice and control

- Respond to each point in the terms of reference under a clear heading if it is relevant to you. If you have a personal story to share that relates to these points make sure that you do (if you don't mind it being public).

The specific things they're looking into (terms of reference) are:

(a) the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and its success or otherwise in providing choice and control for people with disability,

(b) the experience of people with complex care and support needs in developing, enacting and reviewing NDIS plans,

(c) the accessibility of early intervention supports for children,

(d) the effectiveness and impact of privatising government-run disability services,

(e) the provision of support services, including accommodation services, for people with disability regardless of whether they are eligible or ineligible to participate in the National Disability Insurance Scheme,

(f) the adequacy of current regulations and oversight mechanisms in relation to disability service providers,

(g) workforce issues impacting on the delivery of disability services,

(h) challenges facing disability service providers and their sustainability,

(i) incidents where inadequate disability supports result in greater strain on other community services, such as justice and health services,

(j) policies, regulation or oversight mechanisms that could improve the provision and accessibility of disability services across New South Wales, and

(k) any other related matter.

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