Did you know around 37% of injury-related deaths are caused by falls?

This April Falls, we are promoting the campaign – Better Balance for Falls Prevention and taking part in raising awareness of the impact of falls and good practice in falls prevention.

People living with MND often experience muscle weakness, tightness, stiffness, rigidity and spams. Muscle wasting can affect balance, posture, mobility and coordination of movement, increasing the tendency to trip and fall.

Improving mobility, balance and strength isn’t always an option for people living with MND. Some people may find benefit in implementing a passive stretching and exercise program as recommended by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist in supporting them to retain strength and balance. However, for most people living with MND, environmental falls prevention strategies are the most effective. This might include temporary or structural changes to the home to make it safer as recommended by an Occupational Therapist.

Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists play an important role in falls prevention supporting posture management and the prescription of a range of equipment like walking aids, orthotics and splints. The Occupational Therapist is skilled at assessing the home for risks and developing and implementing a falls prevention strategy.

If you are a person living with MND, ask your Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist about falls prevention strategies that might work for you.

It is well known that most falls happen at home, here are some handy tips for everyone in preventing falls:

  • Avoid loosley fitting slippers.
  • Secure scatter rugs in place or remove them.
  • Enure rooms, halls and doorways are well lit.
  • Keep the path from the bed to the bathroom clear.
  • Store heavy items in lower cupboards and lighter items above.
  • Have emergency numbers handy near the bed and by the phone.
  • Invest in an emergency call alarm system.
  • Have an Occupational Therapist assess your home.

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