Over the past year a study on the services provided by FlexEquip was conducted - finding equipment libraries such as this can provide immense benefits in terms of assisting people requiring equipment in a timely manner, for what are often specialised needs.

FlexEquip proved to be a cost-effective initiative - during the study period, it would have cost participants $4,601,598 to purchase the 2786 equipment items provided to them through the equipment library.

The research conducted by the FlexEquip team also found the equipment library delivered environmental benefits by reducing waste generated from the disposal of specialised equipment that was no longer needed by people battling MND.

FlexEquip established the One-Off Specialised Equipment library in January 2023, repurposing customised equipment items and accepting 125 donated items worth $645,816.

In addition to providing equipment to those who need it, FlexEquip also conducted 15 education sessions targeting Allied Health Professionals, offering online and face-to-face sessions, including in regional communities throughout NSW, ACT and NT to ensure no one misses out on the care and equipment they need, no matter where they live in the areas we support.

FlexEquip Manager Alicia Gibb recently spoke at the 11th National MND Australia Care Conference in Melbourne, and will present their research at the 2nd Australian and New Zealand MND Research Symposium in Wollongong in November. FlexEquip will be giving a talk on accessing loan equipment in NSW and Victoria to assist timely access to assistive technology for people living with MND.

The FlexEquip research will also be presented at the 2023 Allied Professionals Forum in Switzerland in early December, with a talk titled “Cost effectiveness and sustainability of an Equipment Loan Pool for people living with Motor Neurone Disease”.

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