​Are you a carer for a person living with MND? We have support groups for carers - our Carers Kitchen Table Conversations sessions are available for you to join online.

In our last session, the group talked about friendships, and the following quote sums up their thoughts - 'a friendship forged in the fires of adversity is as strong as one that has weathered the test of time' – Lindsey Kelk

Carers Kitchen Table Conversations allow the carers in our MND Community to find understanding, support, and connectedness. Our attendee carers have said:

"The Carers Kitchen Table Conversations give me a sense of connectedness and friendship. It gives me the opportunity to share my story with people who truly understand it because they have their own similar story "

"It is like running out onto a sporting field to play the grand final knowing that you have the best players on your side"

"It's our village of carers and Kath (carer coordinator), MND Team members, guest speakers and other people who join the table as we need them. Our village is dynamic because of our common thread (Caring for a person living with MND) and changes with our own personal journeys. Like every village, there are times when carers have to move on "up the coast " and new  carers move in"

Our next Carers Kitchen Table Conversations sessions will be held on March 27 at 10am and 7pm. To find out more, or join this session or future ones, visit https://mndnsw.org.au/all-events/supportgroups/group/carer-support-groups.html


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