Lyn's Market Stalls

Lyn Pennock and her amazing team of crafty ladies have been busy sewing and knitting up a storm for their Christmas stall at Chester Square that they held on Thursday 5th December. But it’s not their first rodeo. In fact, Lyn has been hosting these market stalls for nearly twelve years now. Everything she sells has been lovingly handcrafted and donated to the stall so all proceeds go direct to MND NSW. To date, Lyn has raised a whopping $85,798. ‘I’m aiming for $100,000,’ she said.

Why Lyn fundraises for MND NSW

When Lyn’s friend’s husband was diagnosed with MND, she immediately wanted to do something to help others who’d been touched by the disease. ‘I’d run charity stalls before and after watching my friend caring for her husband at home, I wanted to do something to help others in the same situation.’

Lyn said she was drawn to MND NSW because of the association’s grass roots approach. She likes the way MND NSW empowers people through education and provides practical support like equipment to members, so they can live at home for as long as possible with the people they love.

Lyn and her team of crafty ladies

Lyn is a master at picking up on talent, encouraging friends and family to put their skills to good use and craft one off, unique items for her to sell at her stalls. There are ten women who regularly make and donate their handmade goods which range from aprons to baby blankets, Santa sacks to knitted toys, tea cosies to quilts.

‘Don’t make anything for Lyn if you don’t want to help out at her [MND NSW] charity stalls,’ one of Lyn’s friends, Kay joked. ‘But honestly it’s so much fun and I just love sewing and quilting. Being part of this means the things I make find homes with people who cherish them and at the same time I get to help out a truly wonderful cause.’

And the best part?

‘Running these stalls, I’ve made some really, really nice friends who get together to help out a great cause,’ Lyn said. ‘I feel if we all do just a little bit, we can really make a difference and make things better for others.’

In a world of mass-produced items, Lyn and her dedicated team of friends, offer something truly special, which is exactly what the holiday season deserves.

Christmas presents sorted!

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