During MND Week (3rd to 9th May 2020), we’ll be posting images and thoughts from our incredible MND community. If we can’t get together physically, we can still celebrate, remember and share virtually the importance of this week to us all.

There are so many generous people who we help with MND, along with their families who want to donate equipment to us that’s no longer needed. We’re always inspired by your kindness and consider every single offer seriously. Some items we’re able to bring straight into our equipment library if they’re within our range and of a serviceable quality. Others take a bit more time to consider and to work out what might be possible. This is because they may be specialised items, or we need to be able to find on-going maintenance for them. We also need to know that there’s someone out there who needs it as our storage facilities are limited and we have to prioritise the most frequently needed items.

Our education team had an extensive education calendar prepared and planned for 2020, trialling new events, many in regional areas covering North, South, East and West of NSW and in the ACT. And just because the situation has changed we don’t want you to miss out so we’re taking as many education and information events as we can online.

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